Sunday, February 15, 2009

A new post and a VERY belated birthday...

I figured it was time to update my blog....not too much going on these days except school and more school. I am in clinicals Monday and Tuesdays and the classroom Wednesday and Thursday. I feel like this semester has been a LITTLE more laid back...not sure if laid back is the correct term, but I think I feel more comfortable with how I have to study and what I need to do to make my grades. My teachers are wonderful and I have couldn't ask for more supportive classmates. June 26th will be here before I know it! :) Gray is doing well. Still liking his job and encouraging me everyday. Love his guts out!! :) He has done such a great job with helping keep the house clean, washing dishes, folding clothes, etc. etc. etc. since I have been school.....bless his heart! I owe him BIG TIME!

Well, like I said, nothing too exciting going on around here, just wanted to say hello and tell a little about whats going on with us :) (not sureI have many readers anymore) :)

OH, and a VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT goes to the best brother-in-law EVER....DUSTY!!!! Words cannot express how sorry we are that we let your birthday pass by. Will you ever forgive us?!?!? You WILL be receiving a card this week :) We love you!!!