Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We had a kind of low key New Years. We went to eat with the Beidlemans', and the Herrins' and then came back to Joey and Leah's to shoot fireworks. We have spent the last 4 years with Joey, Leah, Will and Lee on New Years and couldn't think of anyone else we would rather be with!! We all have such a good time together!!!

Little Char Herrin

Happy 2008 from the Williams'!

Liberty Bowl Champs!!

Last Saturday we headed to Memphis to watch the dawgs play in the Liberty Bowl!!! It was me and Gray's (Gray and I???) very first game to attend together! Don't get me wrong, we have both been to many MSU games, but never together. (we usually just sit at the tailgate all day/night long) Those of you that know me, know that football is not my favorite sport! I just don't understand it! But, even though it was twenty below outside and the heels on my boots were 4 inches tall....we had a BLAST!!! What a fun game!!!! CONGRATS DAWGS!!!

Leah, Lee, me and Tiffany (Jeremy Slocum's girlfriend)

The miserable crowd we waited in and almost missed kick off!

me and Gray
Lee and Will

Joey and Leah
Look at all of those MSU fans!!

Bye Bye Butler Snow

Friday, Dec. 28th was my last day at Butler Snow Law Firm. I quit in order to finsh my pre-reqs for nursing school. I have to say, it was very bitter sweet leaving that day. Those women (and man) are like my family. I have been with them for the past 3 years and love each of them! I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with. I already miss them so much!
Kellye, Cheryl, Lexie Lou, Lisia, Janice, Twilia, "Mama Rose Mary", me and my boss, Rance

Christmas with the Williams'

These are just a few more pictures from
Christmas. We had such great time with Gray's family and it was SO GOOD to see everyone....especially sweet Claire and Dusty! We got some GREAT gifts and had WONDERFUL food!!!

Gray and "Mom Linda"
Gran and "Dad E" (LOVE this man!)

The Emericks'....Claire and Dusty

Friday, January 4, 2008

Flat Tire

After leaving Mama's Christmas morning, we were headed to St. Catherines nursing home to see J.Mac (Gray's grandfather). As we pulled out of Lake Caroline our tire blew out...on our PIMP GE Impala! Of course we were still in our Christmas morning pjs!!! These are just a few pics of Gray and Chase changing the tire. OH, and when Chase went to leave, his truck wouldn't crank! Of course I was snapping pictures the whole time! Needless to say, we missed getting to see sweet J.Mac. What a start to our Christmas morning!!!!
Gray changing the tire in his Christmas pajama pants and slippers! haha!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Gray and I have our Christmas with just the two of us and then we go to Mama's to open gifts with she and my brother, Chase. Afterwards, we head to Gray's parents for Christmas with the Williams'! (I will post pictures from Christmas with the Williams' when I can get them off of the new camera Gray gave me)
Gray and I with Wamp Jaw that "Santa Chase" brought us
Chase with the donkey golf head cover we gave him....yes, it HEEE-HAAWS!! Made me laugh!

The gifts
"Santa Chase" brought me and Mama Caren...LOVE Wamp Jaw, the bulldog!

Mama Caren with the Mermaid watercolor we gave her. She is in a mermaid phase right now.....don't ask! :)
YAAAY! 2nd married Christmas!
(my, how our faces have grown since last Christmas! Hey, at least we are happy...right?!?!) haha!

What Santa brought Mama Caren

The family - Chase, Mama Caren, Whitney and Gray

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we went to church at Parkway in Clinton with all the Bryant family (my mom's side of the family). Afterwards, we always go to my Mamaw and Papa Bryant's house for dinner and gifts. Before we open gifts, my grandfather always reads the Christmas story from the Bible. Isn't that the sweetest picture?!?!?

Mamaw and Papa's pretty Christmas tree

Girls' Getaway Weekend!

The weekend before Christmas, six of us headed to Nashville to stay at the Opryland Hotel and to see the Rockettes! We had a blast and laughed TOO hard! I LOVE THESE GIRLS AND ALREADY MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!!

A BUNKO Christmas!

This is my sweet bunko group! We went to eat at PF Changs with all of our husbands and then came back to our house for dessert and gifts! We missed you, Blair!

Our ginger bread house!

This is our cute ginger bread house we made!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008!!

I will post pictures from our Christmas and New Years as soon as I get them on my computer.